Wooden windows

Premium materials

Thanks to technological developments, the use of wood of ever-improving characteristics is on a constant rise. Whether rustically decorated or contemporary or minimalist, wooden windows give the interior and exterior a special warmth and a luxurious note. Wooden windows have proven to have the highest level of heat and sound insulation compared to any other material.

Wood has always been the right choice for the production of joinery. In addition to having the appearance that exudes warmth and beauty, it is often seen as the healthiest material used for such a purpose. Wooden joinery allows the room to “breathe” because it is the only material that has the ability to diffuse steam.

Wooden windows have excellent mechanical properties as they are made of multi-layer glued elements through a process that increases their stability. Simple maintenance and protection is achieved by varnishing using high-quality ecological water-based varnishes. Unlike other materials, they largely repel dirt due to their natural antistatic properties.

Advantages of wooden windows

Wooden windows, just like any wooden carpentry, offer endless possibilities for different designs, shapes, colors, sizes and functions. With all the advantages they have, they can be easily fitted into both the interior and the exterior of any building.

Eco-friendly product

Wood is widely recognized as an ecological product due to its sustainable and renewable nature. It is healthy, does not emit radioactive radiation, harmful gases, allergic dust or static electricity.

Thermal insulation

Wood is 6 times better at thermal insulation compared to bricks, and 15 times better than concrete. A 3 cm wooden plank has the same thermal insulation as a 45 cm slab of concrete or 18 cm layer of brick, which makes it the best natural thermal insulator.


Wood is known for its exceptional longevity, which makes it a very desirable material. With proper care and maintenance, wood products can last for decades, if not centuries, while maintaining the ability for repairs and refinishing.

Wooden window selection

Smaj Produkt produces a wide range of wooden windows that will beautify your home.

Wolf's Mouth (Gueule de Loup) is an authentic window, the result of the traditional skills of craftsmen, ensuring a perfect antique appearance and compliance with today's requirements.

The IV68 ISO window type is the answer to the specific requirements of certain markets.

IV78 Rustic windows have a very inspiring, rustic look and can be integrated into even the most modern interiors.

IV68 Rustique windows have a very inspiring, rustic look and can be integrated into even the most modern interiors.

IV78 is a wooden window model with a sturdy structure.

IV68 is a classic wooden window with slim lines and aluminum or wood eaves.