Wood and Color

All-natural materials

Wood is a natural building material. But wood can do much more. It is the material that offers design freedom with an attractive appearance and outstanding technical properties.

In addition, wood is the most sustainable building material. Trees grow continuously and wood does not require much energy during processing and hardly harms the environment. Surface treatment with the latest technologies ensures outstanding durability, standard burglary protection for security and countless design options for forward-looking individual window solutions.

Treat yourself to a window that can be adapted to a wide range of living conditions.

Available materials

Smaj Produkt currently offers the following materials.


Soft coniferous wood, easy to work with and very smooth. Its low weight and satisfactory strength properties make it an optimal choice for the production of structural framing.


Mahogany wood is prized for its beauty, durability and color. Its first-rate properties make it one of the most expensive wood species. Mahogany symbolizes strength and endurance.


Due to its high resin content and density, it is highly resistant to rot and fungal attack. It requires special care and treatment when painted. Its natural color makes it ideal for mountain buildings.


Ash is very similar in structure to oak, but has a light yellowish color. It is also characterized by its hardness, strength and ease of processing. Unlike oak, ash contains less tannin (formic acid), which is an advantage when painting with lighter colors.


Thanks to its aesthetic, physical, mechanical and technological properties, its ease of use and its durability, it represents a quality standard with a wide range of applications. The ambience of the living space will be renewed, a moment of luxury of the highest quality.

Life in color

This is a water-based product line for professional use, designed to protect wood products that are exposed to external influences against weather conditions, fungi, parasites, insects and other harmful influences. These products emphasize the natural beauty of wood and have a decorative function.

Their natural properties and special features meet all aesthetic and functional requirements. These coatings protect the wood from biological and atmospheric influences in the long term and at the same time ensure a high-quality aesthetic appearance.

Forms of protection

Protects against biological influences: Impregnating agents penetrate deep into the wood and preventively protect the product from the effects of fungi, bacteria and insects that can damage the wood.

Protects against atmospheric influences: The final coatings form a protective film over the wood, protecting the product from all atmospheric agents, even the most extreme.

Protects against UV radiation: The pigments used for impregnation are highly resistant to light and protect the wood in such a way that the negative effects of UV radiation on the product are minimized. They complete this protection with the help of UV filters from the base and top coats.

By using iron oxide-based pigments for the production of impregnating agents, we achieve excellent color uniformity of the wood surface with high weather protection at the same time.

Available paints

Smaj Produkt currently offers the following color selection.

Grey 1
Grey 2
Grey 3
Grey 5
Grey 6
Nature 1
Nature 2
Nature 3
RAL 7016
RAL 9005
RAL 9010
RAL 9016
Wood 1
Wood 2
Wood 3
Wood 4
Wood 5
Wood 6
Wood 7
S - 22 - 01
S - 22 - 02
S - 22 - 03
S - 22 - 04
S - 22 - 05
S - 22 - 06
S - 22 - 07
S - 22 - 08
S - 22 - 09
S - 22 - 10
S - 22 - 11
S - 22 - 12
S - 22 - 13
S - 22 - 14
S - 22 - 15
S - 22 - 16
S - 22 - 17
S - 22 - 18
S - 22 - 19
S - 22 - 20