Glass and hardware


Energy savings largely depend on space insulation. In architecture, large areas are covered by windows, which have historically been the cause of much energy loss. Today, much attention is paid to their improvement and energy efficiency.

Smaj Produkt uses a wide range of high-quality, environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient glass types.

  • Flot Glass
  • LOW-E
  • Clima Guard Solar Premium
  • VSG


From stunning architecture to innovative interiors, we can safely say that glass is one of the materials that is the most challenging, yet offers the most possibilities. And we love a good challenge!

Sunshine control

Enjoy daylight all year round. In the range of solar performances that we offer, we will find what suits you best.

Thermal control

In line with energy efficiency requirements, it is possible to meet higher thermal standards and achieve energy savings within each project.

Acoustic control

Whether it's noise from traffic, neighbors, airports or bus stations, acoustic glass solutions can provide protection against noise at all frequencies.


Fulfillment of all safety standards - protection from injuries in potentially dangerous locations, due to intentional or careless actions, due to impacts and explosions.


Our high-quality hardware offers a wide array of window opening modes. Our hardware suppliers provide products that are secure, easy to use, well-designed and durable. The Tilt & Turn window system remains one of the most typical and practical systems to date.

Window opening can be performed along the left or right axis, with a tilt angle limit. The tilt feature allows for better air circulation and reduces the chance for mold and increased moisture.

Visible hinge

All components of the standard fitting with visible hinge are perfectly coordinated and can be combined with each other in almost any way in order to be able to respond as flexibly as possible to different customer requirements.

Hidden hinge

No hinges visible from the outside, no cover - nothing disturbs the appearance of the window. Windows manufactured in combination with a concealed hinge have a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg. This allows large glass surfaces to stand undisturbed and securely, bringing plenty of light into the house.

Opening types

We recommend that you contact our experts and explain your needs with regards to security and opening mechanisms. We offer the following window opening types: