Facade systems

Welcome to the world of SMAJ facade systems, where technology meets aesthetics in the creation of sustainable and functional facades. Our facade systems form an integral part of the outer envelope of the building, bringing a high level of protection, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Naši fasadni sistemi čine integralni deo spoljnjeg omotača zgrade, donoseći visok nivo zaštite, energetske efikasnosti i estetske privlačnosti.

Smaj Facade Systems are not only effective protection from the elements – they are also an aesthetic contribution to architectural design from the inside. Integrated solar control through selective coatings on glass surfaces makes them efficient and attractive, while protecting against solar radiation. This innovative approach brings both environmental and energy benefits.

The advantage of SMAJ facade systems is that on the inside we have a structural element made of wood with a width of 64 mm and a thickness between 100 mm and 250 mm (depending on the calculation of the static facade).

System width
64 mm
System thickness
Glazing thickness
Glazing weight
500 kg
Connection angle
≤ 45°