Sliding systems

The concept of freedom

Sliding systems are the ideal solution for mounting large glass surfaces and getting plenty of natural lighting throughout the year.

These systems are the right solution for large openings and for all those who like large glass surfaces connected to the yard, garden, terrace, etc. They have found their application in both residential and commercial buildings.

Aesthetic and technical features make sliding systems attractive to architects, investors and end users.

Advantages of sliding systems

The ideal solution for maximum space saving and for large openings such as terraces and balconies. They are stable, simple to handle and maintain and have solid anti-burglary protection. They are also know for their modern appearance and excellent thermal insulation.

More light

Sliding systems offer the highest level of transparency and allows the maximum flow of daylight into the room. Such large glass surfaces let in plenty of daylight and give the space a modern look.

Saving space

When designing your project - be it a new construction or a renovation - you can create more space using sliding systems, as they allow for compact opening and an attractive connection of interior and exterior space.


Handling sliding systems is extremely easy and practical, and they provide you with maximum flexibility when decorating your residential or commercial space.

Offer of sliding systems

Smaj Produkt produces a wide range of sliding systems that will beautify your home.

The HS IV78 lift-and-slide system consists of a fixed element and a sliding element with a frame.

The ALD HS Panorama lift-and-slide system consists of a frameless fixed element and a framed sliding section.

ALD HS Sky is a redesign of our Panorama sliding door system that it suits the tastes of the designers among us.

The ALD HS Classic sliding lift system consists of a fixed element and a sliding element with a frame. A more robust design with excellent technical performance is ideal for glazing large openings.