Our high-quality fittings are suitable for a wide selection of window opening options. Our fitting suppliers meet the highest requirements in terms of safety, ease of use, durability and fittings design.

Tilt-and-turn window system is the standard and most practical window type. The opening is possible around the end left or right axis with limited tilt. The tilt option enables and meets the needs of room ventilation, thus reducing the risk of mold and moisture in your home.

All components from the standard fittings with visible hinge are perfectly coordinated and can be combined in almost any way so that they can respond as flexibly as possible to different customer requirements.

A beautiful home brings growing window design requirements. Our concealed side hinge masters this discipline. No hinges visible from the outside, no masks – nothing interferes with the window look, for the less you see the technology – the better! Windows made in combination with concealed hinge have a load capacity of 100 kg, which allows large glass areas to stand safely on your windows undisturbed and bring plenty of light to your home.

Opening type